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World Finals Championship 


1. Points System

A. Points will be earned by competing in 4 types of championships. Starting with 1st place and diminishing each place until all points have been given.

1. City/County Championships 1st place = 20

2. State Championships 1st place = 30

3. District Championships 1st place = 40

4. National Championship 1st place = 50

B. Each shooter will count the top 7 championship points for the year, throwing out the lowest point placements after 7.

C. The yearly season is October through September (the season will end at the beginning of WFC)

2. There will be 2 different championships, Friday and Saturday will be the World  Championship and Sunday will be the World Finals. Friday and Saturday have no bearing on the World Finals.

3. World Championship, to qualify for the World Championship you need a minimum of 10 points on the leaderboard. This will be shot like a regular championship 9 rounds on Friday then 3 final rounds on Saturday then the top 10 in the finals. Buckle + cash to 1st place, concho + cash 2-5, and plaque + cash to 6-10

4. World Finals will be the top 15 on the leader board If someone declines the invitation, then it will be opened to number 16 and so on. This will be shot on Sunday like any other finals as a 2x elimination. The winner will be that year's XFDA World Finals Champion. Buckles + cash to 1st – 15th.

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