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2022-2023 XFDA Secretary
Co-Owner of The Freebolt Rangers XFDA Club and The Tin Star Regulators CFDA Club
Achieved the XFDA "4" pin in February of 2022
Range Master Certified

FIREARM: Ruger New Vaquero

HOLSTER: Tincan Jac

BULLETS: Royal Wax

LOCATION: Burkburnett TX

My Story

I was born and raised in Justin Tx. My nickname has been Sassy since about the age of eight. We were

"Country" people that lived in a small town with land 10 miles outside of town. We raised cattle and horses,

fished, and shot every type of gun my dad and brother could get their hands on. I loved the old west and anything related to it. In my late 20s, I joined an old west reenactment group and we had balloon shootout competitions after the shows.

This led me to SASS for about a year until I was introduced to CFDA and then XFDA.  I love traveling from state to state for various competitions. I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and trained with some of the best.

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