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X-TREME FAST DRAW AMERICA, aka XFDA, is a membership organization formed in 2020 to promote the sport of Fast Draw. XFDA members share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West and competitive shooting in a safe, fun, family-friendly environment. Like other Fast Draw clubs XFDA, will shoot Colt or clone .45 caliber single-action revolver with wax bullets and shotgun primers. “Blocker” or 24" round disc style targets will be used. Targets will utilize a center start light with sensors that detect hits on the target and display scoring times. Matches will consist of two shooter competitions with a 3x elimination per round. If applicable Bye rounds will be used depending on the number of shooters registered for the event. The shooting distance will be 15’ from the target and each shooter will have a set KPI (Key Performance Indicator).


KPIs are calculated by taking the fastest shot in each round throughout an event to get an average then add .030 to it and that is your KPI. Once a shooter’s KPI is established they will use this number in matches until it is re-evaluated based on local club or XFDA Rules and Regulations.

For XFDA sponsored events, the Event Host may utilize one of the following options to establish or re-calculate shooters KPIs, prior to a main match event. Option one, the Host Club sponsors a “Qualifier” match which shooters can participate in allowing their KPI to be recalculated based on XFDA KPI Rules. Another option has shooters shoot 10 shots in a row and then averages the scores to set a KPI when this option is used the shooter will have a breakout time of .060 less than the estimated KPI and if he/she shoots faster than the breakout time the shot is considered a miss and the KPI will be lowered during the match. After the event has ended a KPI will be established for the new shooter which will be used going forward.



KPIs are set to guide you. They are your target. You know your focus must be on your own KPI, and you know what you must do to win against yourself. Only you control your shooting DESTINEY. As you step up on the line and hear the ready commands being given, you wait for the light to come on and you know, it has to first be about you, yourself, and the target. After that, you can think about what comes next. But first and foremost, it is all about YOU.

As a shooter improves their scoring times their KPI will change. Since KPIs are set as a target and a guide to help improve, shooters KPIs are recalculated periodically and will be lowered if their scoring times have improved. This allows the shooter to learn what works for them, improve at their own pace, and control their own destiny. Only under certain circumstances will a KPI be changed to a higher scoring time above a shooter’s current KPI.



The goal of setting a KPI is to help the shooter to improve and become as X-TREME a shooter as they can be.

Local clubs will be required to maintain shooters' scores and KPI's. Recalculating of KPI's are based on club guidelines.

Affiliated clubs shooting with KPI’s and participating in XFDA sponsored events will be required to evaluate and recalculate shooters KPI's no less than on a quarterly basis.

KPI’s must be evaluated by local clubs before all Local, State, or National X-FDA matches. This allows all shooters to have the confidence that they and their fellow opponents have KPIs that are set equal to their shooting ability.

Match officials hold the right to request a shooter's KPI be considered for recalculation if during a match the shooters times are miss-aligned with their KPI times. Time differences will be based on X-FDA KPI guidelines.

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