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“Loving the Art of Fast Draw”



Founder, Jerome Price, aka – “Kid Curry” along with Co-Founders, Levi Jordan, aka – “Rodeo Romeo”, Tim King, aka – “Gabe Garrett” and Brad Quick, aka – “Brad THE Quick”  (right to left in the pictures above) have been loving anything western, including the sport of FAST DRAW for as long as they can remember.

Together they have over 50 years combined in Old West Re-Enactment groups, acting in Western movies, owning Fast Draw clubs, and competing in Western and Fast Draw competitions.

They have won State, National, and World championships. They host Western Day events for the public and run Western Fast Draw Training camps, teaching techniques on the skill of drawing a gun, hitting the target, winning competitions, and promoting the love of the sport that goes along with those famous words “Shooter on the Line, Shooter Set”, AKA – “FAST DRAW”

But the desire for more was there. They each belonged to some of the same Old West and Fast Draw clubs and organizations but always felt that there was something missing in each of them. They had the desire to create something that provided fellow shooters with an atmosphere that would be a friendly environment where they could push themselves and others to become as much of an “EXTREME” Fast Draw shooter as they were capable of becoming. They wanted everyone to be able to improve at their own speed and not worry about who was a master shooter, what category they belonged in, or what others thought was best for them. They wanted each shooter to have control over their own destiny and they wanted to do all of this while allowing each man, woman, or child to do what they loved -  be a Cowboy or Cowgirl, shoot a gun and just have FUN doing it. So, they got together, listed their likes and dislikes from all the other organizations and then it happened, XFDA – X-TREME FAST DRAW AMERICA was created.

However, as decisions were being made, they quickly figured out they needed one more founding member. They knew they wanted to find someone that LOVED the sport as much as they did. Someone that would share the same vision for the organization that the four of them had. They wanted this person to be a go-getter, funny, witty, and have a sense of humor. As they set and talked only ONE person within the FAST DRAW organization came to mind. The call was made, and they WELCOMED, “World Fast Draw Champion”, Kendra Short, aka – “K.K. Kid” as the fifth Founding Member.



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