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2021 Texas State Championship DFW

Updated: Mar 22, 2021


THERE IT IS - the first EXTREME - X-FDA tournament of 2021 has come and gone.

The match was held at DFW Gunslingers Fast Draw Club in Mansfield, Texas on March 12, 13 and 14th.

There were 16 shoots on Friday for the KPI Jackpot Shoot and 26 in all for the Main Match.

With Texas now open from the Covid–19 lockdown there was a great turnout. There were first-time blocker shooters, first time ever competition competitors and seasoned gunslingers. The theme of it all was “LET THE FUN BEGIN, WERE BACK ON THE LINE AGAIN”.

There was jumping for joy as shooters won 3 and 4 pins for new goals achieved. There were big smiles as shooters hit the targets, there were heads shaking as shooters wondered where the wax went (because it wasn’t on the target!). There were shouts of joy from shooters proclaiming, “Look what all that practicing did for me” along with heads bowed and eyes closed as some shooters quietly said, “I guess I should have practiced more.” But all in all, there was laughter, hand shaking, hugs and back slapping as the competition went on and a lot of “Boy I sure have missed this, I’m glad I came.”

The competition was stiff, but as always there must be a winner(s), and what can we say - Vic Arrow came to win and win he did. He took first place in both the Friday KPI Jackpot Shoot and the Main Match held Saturday with finals on Sunday. He was determined, he was fast, he was unstoppable, he was Victorious!


All shooters worked hard to make it to the finals and here is how they finished:

1st Vic Arrow – Sundowners - AZ

2nd Boss – Comanche Moon Renegades - TX

3rd Brad The Quick – DFW GunSlingers - TX

4th Kid Curry – Texas Panhandle Pistoleros - TX

5th The Gentleman – DFW GunSlingers - TX

6th Lefty Say When – TX

7th Papa Quick – DFW GunSlingers - TX

8th West Texas Outlaw – Comanche Moon Renegades - TX

9th Doc Edwards – Texas Panhandle Pistoleros - TX

10th Jessie James – Tin Star Regulators – TX

Fastest Time Women – KK Kid - .317 Fastest Time Men – Brad The Quick - .305

First place winner not only took home a trophy, they also received a custom TX State Champion belt buckle, along with cash. Winners 2-5 took home a trophy and cash and 6-10th place winners receiving a trophy for their hard work.

Hope to see all of you at the next shoot. Keep an eye out for our postings for details.

AND Let’s get back to “SHOOTER ON THE LINE, SHOOTER SET” and have some FUN!

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It was an amazing experience, can't wait until we get to do it again!

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