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I was born in Montana in 1949 and lived on Air Force bases until I was 14 when my dad retired to Iowa.  Civilian life was a cultural shock to me.  In 1970 I obtained my RN degree. I lived in Iowa until I met, the love of my life and best friend, Mongo in 1977 and moved to Chicago.  We got married in 1978 and were transferred to Dallas.  We stayed there until 1996 when we moved to Denver and finally to Pagosa Springs in 2005.

I have been afraid of guns until we started CFDA in 2004.  Love the people, the outfits, and the shooting.  I retired from nursing in 2013; however, still hold an active license.  After I retired, Mongo and I increased our travel schedule.  We travel border to border and coast to coast and now claim to be professional gunfighters.  In 2020 we attended our first XFDA match at Rodeo Romeo’s and are definitely enjoying the sport.  We continue to shoot in CFDA  as well as XFDA events. Retirement is great. Looking forward to seeing you on the line.





My Story

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