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The 2023 teams have been a great success and we learned a lot, For 2024 we had a draft, and the teams are here.


How the XFDA Teams Series will work.

We will have 6 teams with 5 members, We have an XFDA Teams Series Board of Directors and they are Missouri Jim, Mongo, Possum, and Wishbone. As we grow in numbers we will add more teams.


Each team will have a captain who will be responsible for setting up their team for each match and making sure who will be there if for some reason several team members can't make the match the board will select an alternate from the shooters present at that match.

Each team will have a team name and logo and will also have a different colored armband in the team color.


How the match will run is all Point men will shoot only against other Point men, and Swing riders against other Swing riders, and so on. So with 6 teams, there will be 5 rounds of each group and once you have shot everyone in your group then it will be the team with the most wins in 1st place, and the lowest wins will be 6th place any tie will be broken via point men wins in the last round if that is a tie keep going back till the tie is broken.

We will have a teams event at all State, District, and National Championships, then the top two teams will go head to head at WFC for the world champion team.


The Teams series will be held after the KPI match at 2 pm. Teams members will not shoot in the KPI match so that we can have time for the Teams Series.


To be involved in the Teams Series you must commit to being at 75% of the championships. We believe that this will bring everyone together and create comradery as you cheer on your teammates and try to make it to the Super Bowl of fast draw at WFC.


For any comments or questions email

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