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We are excited to announce a new shooting category for the XFDA, this will begin at the Texas State Championship, Burkburnett, TX. You will need to click the RSVP Button below now if you want to be involved as we are creating the teams and we are limiting how many participants can be involved. MORE

Road to WFC Teams Champion

The top two teams will shoot off at the WFC for the world champion team. see rules here

Current Placement
After Texas State

1  Filthy 5

2  Trinity

3  Regulators

4  X-Treme

5  Midnight Riders

6  Vigilantes

Joe B Wales - Point man

Kid Curry - Swing rider

Ma'dam X - Flank rider

Possum - Drag rider

Sassy - Wrangler 

TDB - Alt 2

TT Logo.jpg

K.K. Kid - Point man

Wishbone - Swing rider

Billy The Kid - Flank rider

Rattlin’ Rob - Drag rider

Doc Edward - Wrangler 

TDB - Alt 1

TDB - Alt 2

F5 Logo.jpg

Brad the Quick - Point man

Jesse James - Swing rider

Johnny Law - Flank rider

Boot Hill - Drag rider

Mongo - Wrangler 

Preacher Dave - Alt 1

TDB - Alt 2

Missouri Jim - Point man

The Gentleman - Swing rider

Pixie Quick - Flank rider

Rooster No Hit - Drag rider

Reaper Raine - Wrangler 

I. B. Nobody - Alt 1

TDB - Alt 2

Quigley - Point man

Gabe Garrett - Swing rider

Wynonna Earp - Flank rider

Papa Quick - Drag rider

Blackfox Lil - Wrangler 

Catskill Jean - Alt 1

TDB - Alt 2

Rodeo Romeo - Point man

Honey Badger - Swing rider

Gunslinger - Flank rider

Sassafrass - Drag rider

Memphis Belle - Wrangler 

K9 - Alt 1

TDB - Alt 2

Regulators logo.jpg
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