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Rob Roper.png

Rattlin’ Rob

2021 Top 10 CFDA Fastest Gun Alive Category Shoot Fallon, NV
2022 2nd Place B Bracket Winter Range Phx, AT
2022 3rd place XFDA Tombstone Jackpot Shoot Tombstone, AT
2022 8th place XFDA Tombstone Main Match Tombstone, AT

FIREARM: Ruger New Vaquero

HOLSTER: Ernie Hill Max 2

BULLETS: Royal Purple Wax

LOCATION: Tombstone, AT

My Story

One weekend in August 2018 we were visiting Tombstone and Old Pueblo Gunfighters had a Town Alley set up. This is where you can try cowboy fast draw. I was fascinated and eventually took my turn and was immediately hooked 🤠

Born in NM and raised in AZ I’ve always loved the desert and the Old West.

As soon as I got back up north I contacted the closest club Rio Salado Vaqueros in Mesa to find out when they shoot/practice. Then I found another club in North Phx AZ Gunslingers. I’ve been an active member of those clubs ever since.

I attended the Fast Draw Training Camp in Phx with Rodeo Romeo and Thirsty to learn the basics and eventually advanced techniques.

In 2020 Rodeo introduced me to XFDA and my passion deepened.

Ramblin Rose and myself decided to build an XFDA range on our property and form the Tombstone Regulators.

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