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Preacher Dave


2018: Marysville, Ks. Shoot, 6th Place

2020: Owasso, Ok. 5th Place in a CBFD Shoot

2021: Oklahoma State Shoot, 1st place in Deputy Shoot

2021: Oklahoma State Shoot, 3rd in Super Senior

2021: Superior, Wisconsin, 4th place in Smokin’ Gun


2022: KPI Match, 2nd Place

2022: Main Match, 3rd Place





My Story

At the age of seven my dad moved us from Medicine Lodge, Ks. to Benton, Ks.

My parent’s farmed and we all know if you can reach the modified pedals on a tractor, you are old enough to help on the farm.  My dad spent his entire life farming and I worked with him, side by side.

Not only were we farmers, but we were fans of western movies.   I was a big fan of John Wayne.  I liked his no nonsense, direct ways in his movies, his cowboy attire and the way he seemed to be at home on a horse.  I am not much on a horse, but I did acquire the western look in clothing.

When I was in my teens, Jack Cook came into my life. He was cowboy through and through. He broke horses and worked daylight to dark on his ranch.  He gave me my first cowboy hat and made my first holster for my pistol.  Jack was a good and loyal friend; he was a role model and he taught me a lot about the cowboy way.

I hunted a lot when I was growing up, I typically shot nothing but shot guns, whether I was shooting skeet or hunted. I just used my pistol as needed. Shotguns was my weapon of choice, that is all I ever knew.

In 2017 my wife discovered “Cowboy Fast Draw Association” and wanted me to join her in the sport. I declined her offer, but nothing would do her, she kept telling me how much fun she was having, and she finally talked me into joining her. The rest in history, I joined CBFD, WFDA & XFDA. I enjoy each event and have met a great group of people.

I took Ministry Classes in 2012, graduated and became an Ordained Minister and that is how I took on Preacher Dave as my alias.

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