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Started fast draw in the Cowboy Fast Draw Association in 2012.  Now also shooting in the X-treme Fast Draw Association just for the love of the game.
2022 CFDA Colorado resident champion
2022 Southern Territorial Super senior champion
2021 San Juan Shootists champion
2021 Super senior world champion
2017 Southern Territorial Shootist champion
2017 Texas State Shootist champion
2017 Louisiana State Shootist champion

FIREARM: Pietta Colt Clone

HOLSTER: Ernie Hill Speed MAX 4 TG

BULLETS: Spitfire

LOCATION: Pagosa Springs, CO

My Story

After being in Oklahoma for 42 years I managed to escape to the mountains of Southwest Colorado up on The Great Divide.  I had always been interested in shooting sports and the romance of the old West and the television and movie interpretations of the period.  I still remember watching Rin Tin Tin during my first stint in Colorado in the mid 1950's and all the TV shows that followed through the years.  A Mattel "Sundowner Set" Christmas present in 1960 started my fast draw career, and I still collect rolling blocks because of it. A friend tried to get me in fast draw about 1984 but I had a family, a job, little time, and no money for such endeavors so I didn't get to play with the boys at Frontier City. It wasn't until about 30 years later I learned how instrumental that friend was in keeping this game alive.   After making it to the mountains  I was asked to try and help out with a problem a couple of great people were having and walked into Cowboy Fast Draw.  Now I had the time, the equipment, and almost enough money to play this game.  It took about 10 minutes to realize the fun of the game and the kindness of the people that play it.  My love of the people and love of the game grew quickly and I have been doing it ever since.  The same love that got me hooked on this game exists in the X-FDA.

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