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1st place Floyd County XFDA 2022


2nd place in CFDA Louisiana State Shoot 2022

FIREARM: Rugger New Vaccaro

HOLSTER: Ernie Hill

BULLETS: Quick Wax

LOCATION: Arlington TX

My Story

Perk is a relatively new shooter to the world of fast draw, he has been part of the XFDA family for about a year and a half now. Perk brings a lighthearted dynamic to every event that he competes in, he is also a fierce competitor that always brings speed to the line. Perk is known to never back down from a challenge. One time, he entered into a rice counting competition and somehow managed to take 1st and 5th out of a field of 63 fellow rice counting competitors. In a club match at DFW Gunslingers last July, Perk hit 11 out of 10 targets with just nine bullets. When Perk left for college back in 2002 he told his father “you’re the man of the house now.” Perk took his wife out bowling for date night and bowled a perfect game with a golf ball.

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