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1969 – 1975: United States Marine Corp

                      Electronics Technician advanced communications equipment.

Posted to:  Camp Pendleton, CA, Camp LeJune, NC, Camp Courtney, Okinawa

                          1971: 1st Special Forces Group – Airborne

                          1975:  Honorably Discharged


1978:  Married my beautiful bride and the love of my life Shirley “Wench” Miller

1975 – 2006:  Hardware/Software installer and technical trainer on various

 platforms and applications including hemodialysis equipment;

 accounting software; telecommunications applications.


Cowboy Fast Draw

2004:  Joined CFDA - Member number 204 - Life Member Number 57

Helped organize and implement the CFDA Range Officer and  Range      Master programs.  Wrote most of the documentation and taught classes nationwide.


2008:   Helped CFDA implement the CFDA Regulator Posse program.

            Appointed as the first CFDA Regulator Posse Sheriff. 


2018:    Retired as CFDA Regulator Posse Sheriff.


Present:  Currently still active in CFDA.  Have become active in XFDA.

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