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Missouri Jim 

2021 CFDA Kansas State Shootist Champion 
2019 CFDA National Shootist Champion 
2018 CFDA Worlds Shootist 4th Place 
2018 CFDA Texas State Shootist 3rd Place 
2019 CFDA Texas State Shootist 3rd Place 
2020 CFDA Southern Territorial Shootist 3rd Place

2021 X-FDA Memphis TX 2nd Place 
Numerous TOP 10 finishes in each style of competition

Fastest shot in a championship in X-FDA .303 WFDA.288

FIREARM: Ruger New Vaquero 

HOLSTER: Ernie Hill Max 3

BULLETS: Royal Wax and Spitfire

LOCATION: Inola, Oklahoma 

My Story

I grew up on a small family farm outside of Metz Missouri. My best friend and I always played cowboys as small boys. I developed a love of shooting guns as I grew up and fortunately had plenty of places around the farm to do just that. Of course, I watched all the old westerns on tv that I could. I mostly dressed western growing up, as I usually had my boots, jeans, & western shirts on. Even now, throughout my life, I don't recall not having at least one pair of boots around and usually more. I moved to Oklahoma in 1987 for school and to work in the aviation industry. I had never competed in any handgun competition until we started fast draw, but I was quickly hooked. 
My wife and I were introduced to the Green Country Gunslingers, the CFDA, the RGA, and Tri-State Gunfighters in 2014. While honing my fast draw skills, I also participated in many Gunfighter Reenactments. While I did both for a couple of years, for the most part, the fast draw won out. Now and then, I will participate in a reenactment, but I enjoy the competition aspects of fast draw. In 2015 I competed in CFDA Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and Kentucky State championships, besides our small club matches. 
Since then, I've added Kansas, Louisiana, FGA Worlds, Nationals, and several Territorials to the list. 
We also started shooting in the WFDA about 2019 with our friends on the Kansas border. I enjoy the variety of targets, distances, and types of ammo in the WFDA. 
Then in Sept 2020, I was able to make the first X-FDA shoot in Amarillo TX. I have also been to nearly every X-FDA event since then. I like how the KPI levels the playing field among all the shooters, while still requiring everyone to give it their all. 
You are competing as much with yourself as with your opponent. I also like the "no X-out and "round Robin" parts of the format. 
X-FDA is my favorite style of fast draw; however, I do still compete in the others as well.

A founding member of the Verdigris Valley Vaqueros 

President of Green Country Gunslingers since 2018 Started shooting WFDA in 2019

Joined RGA in 2014, CFDA in 2014, KFDA in 2019, and XFDA in 2020

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