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Memphis Belle

Cowboy Fast Draw Association

2018: South Dakota High Plains Territorial, 14th Place (Buckle)

2018: Kansas State Shoot, Super Senior 3rd Place

2019: Kansas State Shoot, Grand Lady, 1st Place

2019: Oklahoma State Shoot, Grand Lady,2nd Place

2020: Oklahoma State Shoot, Grand Lady 2nd Place

2020: Oklahoma State Shoot, Placed 7th in The Magnificent 7

2022: Oklahoma State Shoot, 9th Place

2022: Kansas State Shoot, 3rd place in Categories

2022: Kansas State Shoot, 6th Place in the Magnificent 7

I have participated in 9 fun shoots from 2018-2021 and have placed each time.  It’s a fun time and great practice.

World Fast Draw Association

2021: Shootout @ Birdwell’s, 4th Place

2021: Shootout @ Birdwell’s, 3rd Place

2021: Record Holder for fastest time in Shooting Doubles





My Story

I grew up in Wichita, Ks. and watched countless westerns with my dad. Gunsmoke was a popular program in our home, and I was not only fascinated with the cowboy life and attire, but I was also fascinated with Miss Kitty.  As popular as the cowboy programs were in my household, my hero was my Uncle Joe.  He always wore Cowboy Boots, a Stetson Cowboy Hat, (with red lining) and I loved his cowboy lifestyle.  I loved his swagger and easy-going personality, and we were a close-knit pair.  As I grew up, I too adapted the western look and denim was and still is my go-to.  
I was asked to join a women’s pistol team in 1975 and it was run by a Deputy Sheriff. I was a pretty fair shot and I  enjoyed the sport. In 1990 I started shooting skeet and that was equally enjoyable.
The highlight of my shooting endeavors was when I discovered CBFD in 2017. Shooting out of a holster was a whole new experience but, I learned to adapt.  In 2021 I started shooting WFDA and in 2022, I joined XFDA.  XFDA is great and the founder and co-founder are not only loyal to the sport, but to their members as well.  XFDA rates right at the top of my favorite shooting events.

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