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Doc Edward

Top 5 finish back to back years 2021 & 2022 at XFDA Floyd County Championship 


Top 10 finish at XFDA Texas State Championship 2021

FIREARM: Cimarron Pistolero 

HOLSTER: Tin Can Jack -BQ

BULLETS: Quick Wax & Royal Wax


My Story

I have only been in fast draw for a couple of years. My uncle had invited my wife and I to come try it a few times but we were never able to. After going through a rough patch in life we decided to take some time to do something fun together and here we are. It has taken off to great new heights as a part of our lives. It’s rumored that I’m a pretty cool guy to know but that’s just rumors. I help run the social media sites for XFDA and work on the Gunfighter Epitaph which is the newsletter for XFDA. Recently got a big social media push on my personal TikTok account that I promote fast draw and gunslingers of the sport. So that puts me as an influencer on TikTok. I love studying history so the sport was right up my alley. I grew up at Cal Farleys Boys Ranch which is the original site for the old west town of Tascosa, Tx, boy the stories the land could tell about that place. I always like to leave people thinking about life a little so remember “legends all die & new ones come forth, what type of legend will you be remembered for?” Doc Edward 
TikTok @chuckhawkins.docedward 
FACEBOOK Doc Edward 
Instagram doc_edward_1999

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