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Blackfox Lil

X-FDA Member since 2020
X-FDA Treasurer
Received my 4 Pin in April 2021
Received 3 Pin in June 2022
Founder of the Verdigris Valley Vaqueros
Fastest shot in a championship 0.398
KFDA Top Gun 2020
WFDA Multiple 1st place and Top 5 finishes
CFDA Multiple Mag 7 finishes

FIREARM: Ruger New Vaquero .45

HOLSTER: Ernie Hill Max 3

BULLETS: Royal Wax and Spitfire


My Story

I'm from Tulsa, but now make my home in Inola, Oklahoma.

 I chose the name Blackfox Lil as my alias in honor of my Cherokee heritage, and it's also the Cherokee name for Inola. 

As a child, I grew up spending my summers on my grandparent's farm, riding horses, shooting guns, and playing cowboys and Indians with my siblings and cousins.  I have always had a love for the "old west", but until I joined the Green Country Gunslingers, I had never shot a .45 or shot in a competition. Since I started competing in fast draw competitions, I have multiple top 10 or better placements in various events.

Since X-FDA has formed, I have shot in almost all events.  After making arrangements to host the first   X-FDA Oklahoma State Championship in 2021 with the Green Country Gunslingers, I have since started Oklahoma's first Premier X-FDA Fast Draw Club, the Verdigris Valley Vaqueros, and we are looking forward to hosting the X-FDA Oklahoma State Championship in 2022 and 2023. 

Along with competing in the sport of Extreme Fast Draw, I have been doing reenactments for the past six years.  

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